Reclaimed Antique Street Bricks

Authentic Reclaimed Street Bricks

In the photo: These reclaimed pavers are used to create a beautiful pattern for a new driveway for a client.


About Reclaimed Antique Street Bricks

Street brick pavers are reclaimed from over 100 year old streets. The surfaces of the pavers are beautifully worn, but are still as strong as new. They are more durable than concrete and are naturally waterproof, so no sealing is required. They range in color from tan to gray to burnt orange in a variety of sizes.

These historical pavers have been extracted from re-surfaced streets and roads, and have been carefully preserved and prepared for resale.  These pavers are both durable and strong, but also have an authentic "aged" appearance.

Popular Uses for Used Bricks

With a wide range of uses in play, typically the following are the most common:

  • Used bricks to line a new paver driveway
  • Reclaimed pavers to be the base of a new patio
  • Aged bricks to outline an in-ground pool
  • Historic bricks utilized in creating a retaining wall
  • ... and so much more!

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The "Jamestown Classic" Series

The Jamestown Classic brick features a beveled edge on one side of the wear face. This was done to help improve the footing for horses climbing the hilly streets of Jamestown. 

Each of our Jamestown pavers is part of the rich history of the city.  Jamestown, NY currently has more than 50 miles of exposed red brick streets.

The "Jamestown Classic Series" includes:

  • Jamestown Classic: Design with a beveled edge on the face of one side to improve footing on hills. [ View Cut Sheet ]
  • Jamestown Classic Oversized: Squared off edges create a flat surface ideal for patios. [ View Cut Sheet ]
  • Jamestown Classic Dark: A darker color range than the standard Classic. [ View Cut Sheet ]


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The "Jamestown Rustic" Series

These textured pavers from Jamestown, NY have a lovely tumbled look. The rustic pavers produce tight joints due to their flat sides. Their wide color range creates a more complex composition that is pleasing to the eye.  They are the perfect foundation for a project with organic character.

The Shale Paving Company produced 15 million rustic pavers a year at its peak.

The "Jamestown Rustic Series" includes:

  • Jamestown Rustic: Produce tight joints due to their flat side. [ View Cut Sheet ]
  • Jamestown Rustic Slims: These smaller sized pavers have a lovely tumbled look, ideal for smaller garden spaces.
  • Jamestown Slims: These pavers are narrower than the others in our Jamestown collection. [ View Cut Sheet ]


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The "Olean" Series

Olean, NY was a large producer of bricks at the beginning of the 20th century.  Olean, Jamestown and Corning, NY made up the three biggest brick producing cities in the state at the time.

Olean Red bricks are consistently dark red with little variation of color and texture.  These bricks offer a smooth surface with a clean look that is perfect for patios and walkways!

The Olean Beige bricks were produced for use in marking crosswalks at intersections.  Manufactured in eastern Ohio using very light colored clay they provided a simple solution for marking streets.  These unique bricks can be used to create designs or patterns in a larger field.

The "Olean Series" includes:

  • Olean Reds: Designed with a smooth surface, these pavers are perfect for patios and walkways. [ View Cut Sheet ]
  • Olean Beige: Perfect for creating a design in a field of Olean Reds [ View Cut Sheet ]
  • Olean Oversized: Consistently dark color with a flat finished surface. [ View Cut Sheet ]


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The "Youngstown" Series

These pavers were manufactured by Youngstown Block Company and have a lighter brick shade with a tan fleck. Perfect for reflecting off yellow and beige tones, these pavers make a beautiful walkway or patio.

The clay color in Youngstown, Ohio tends to be lighter than in surrounding areas.

The "Youngstown Series" includes:

  • Youngstown Block: These pavers offer a lighter brick shade with a tan fleck. [ View Cut Sheet ]


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The Symantics of the Reclaimed Brick and Stone Industry

While we call our products reclaimed street brick pavers and cobblestones, others may call them repurposed street brick pavers and cobblestones.  We've also heard them being called recycled street brick pavers and cobblestones.  Then there are those who refer to them as used street brick pavers and cobblestones, antique street brick pavers and cobblestones ... and even salvaged street brick pavers and cobblestones!

Remember, whatever "green" or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding street brick pavers and cobblestones, Experienced Brick and Stone has it.  [ ask us ]