How We Got Started

scott-smith-casualIn 2009 I was involved in a project to build a brick driveway. I had three large truckloads of reclaimed street pavers delivered to the construction site. The bricks were cleaned and palletized ready for installation when the project was delayed. A passerby saw the bricks and inquired if they were for sale. Given the project delay, the bricks were sold and more ordered. The second batch was also sold. It was then, I recognized that these bricks were in demand but were typically being buried in landfills.

Experienced Bricks was founded to prevent street bricks and other reclaimed materials from being wasted. The first full scale production yard was in Jamestown, New York and became operational in the spring of 2011. That first summer, over 1600 pallets of street pavers were reclaimed using the first generation of equipment developed specifically for reclaiming street bricks.

Today, our inventory includes over a dozen different types of street brick, granite and sandstone cobbles, curbing, sidewalk, building stones and architectural pieces and other materials as we find them. Reclaim operations and storage yards are in multiple locations in the northeast with new material being added on a regular basis.

The Symantics of the Reclaimed Brick and Stone Industry

While we call our products reclaimed street brick pavers and cobblestones, others may call them repurposed street brick pavers and cobblestones.  We've also heard them being called recycled street brick pavers and cobblestones.  Then there are those who refer to them as used street brick pavers and cobblestones, antique street brick pavers and cobblestones ... and even salvaged street brick pavers and cobblestones!

Remember, whatever "green" or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding street brick pavers and cobblestones, Experienced Brick and Stone has it.  [ ask us ]